Life is Better With Butter

As late as the 1930s, indigenous people all over the world consumed at least 10 times more saturated fat daily than we do today. They had no obesity related illness, no heart disease and very little tooth decay.

Is it possible that saturated Fats kept them healthy  & could also help us today?

There may be many ways that butter – a saturated fat – could benefit us.  I would like to focus on 4 of those:

Let’s begin with the idea that Butter helps us stay fit – how could it do that?

Well butter satisfies our hunger easily.

It does that by giving us quick and steady energy  – unlike sugars and grains that tend cause spikes and dips in our blood sugar

Also, Butter supports a steady release of insulin and keeps our body in balance

A good example of that is eating butter on bread – the butter slows down the absorption into the bloodstream of the carbohydrate or sugar in the bread.

In addition – Research studies have shown that when women diet – those eating the most saturated fat – lose the most weight.

A second benefit of butter is that –

Butter Builds Good Mental Health.

Our brains are made mostly of Cholesterol and fat – and most of is saturated fat which is abundant in butter.

The fat in butter supports our bodies us of DHA – an important oil in fatty fish such as salmon.  This fatty acid is essential for healthy brain function.

LOW Cholesterol is associated with depression, aggression, suicide and mood disorders.   This is why doctors prescribe fish oil supplements for depression or mood swings.  Butter is the ingredient that stabilizes the fish oil so that our brain can benefit from it.

NEXT  –  A third and very important benefit of butter is that –

Butter Gives Us A Healthy Heart.

Did you know that saturated fat is the favorite fuel of the heart?

The body actually builds a protective cushion of saturated fat around the heart, for quick energy in times of stress.  So, just as saturated fat helps our brain handle stress – it also helps our heart handle stress.

Adding butter to the diet reduces something called lipoprotein – LP(a) –  which is a marker for heart disease.  Currently there are no medications to lower this substance in the body.  The only dietary means for lowering LP(a) is to eat saturated fats.

Eating saturated fats also raises the level of HDL – what is commonly called the good cholesterol.

AND – Butter supports the building of the muscles – the heart is a muscle.

FINALLY – The 4th and most important benefit of butter is that

Butter Tastes Delicious and Gives us Vitamins and Minerals.

The most delicious butter is the deep yellow butter from cows eating their natural diet of green grass.

Without this delicious butter – We are not able to utilize vitamins and minerals

For example – without butter – the vitamins and minerals in broccoli are unavailable to our body – even though we might be eating broccoli two or three times a week.

So enjoy all your vegetables drenched in butter!

If butter were really bad for us – wouldn’t our great grandparents have died of obesity related illness?  But most of them did not

SO, don’t deny yourselves the fat of the land  – pure grass fed cow butter.  Let it melt in your mouth and feel how much better – life is – with butter!

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