Nutritional Evaluations:

We address your individual and specific concerns with  issues such as loss of energy, insomnia, weight gain, seasonal allergies, sugar cravings, digestive problems, food allergens and then correct those imbalances with nutritional changes to eating as well  as with high quality nutritional supplementation.  At Nurturing Nutrition, we use a very delicate and precise form of quality energetic testing – called Matrix Reflex Testing to be able to determine the perfect nutritional path for you and  to find otherwise hidden issues that may be affecting your overall well-being.

Seasonal Cleanse Presentations:

A Three-Hour Presentation for you and your family or friends.  Includes information on the role of toxins and the inability to loose weight, nutrient-dense foods, fermented foods and good fats.  Incorporates a 10 day eating plan to build stronger immunity and greater energy as well as weight-loss (8 – 10 lbs).  Shopping list included   Samples available to tasting.

(Presentation) Obstacles to Optimum Health:

Knowing that you should have the vitality that is your birthright –  The main areas addressed in this one- hour presentation are:  Food Allergens, Processed Oils,  White Sugar and Flour, Toxic Metals and Chemicals, Toxic Dental Materials, Toxins in our air, food & water and what we can do to eliminate or lessen these exposures.

Healthy Home Assessments:

Toxic chemical and metals can be found in many households.  I will come to your home and identify the most toxic of them and provide you with Vital Information on Least Toxic Products for Personal Care and Home.

Testing for Food Sensitivities:

Nurturing Nutrition uses high quality energetic testing to reveal food allergens and we recommend  appropriate and fun foods to substitute and add to your menu.

Testing for Dental Material Compatibility:

Matrix Reflex Testing provides an excellent method for testing dental restoration materials.  It is sensitive enough to test materials as good, better and best, so you will know that you are using the best materials possible in your mouth and for your overall well-being.

Food Preparation Techniques for Better Digestion:

A presentation on traditional food preparation techniques to improve digestion and assimilation and greater vitality.

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