Suggestions for Cooking Meat

What would upset you more, if the steak you ordered came to your table undercooked or overcooked?

When it comes to steak, it’s not the size that matters; it’s the consistency and texture. Overcooked meat is tough, because its fat, protein and sugar molecules have been damaged by being cooked on too high heat for too long. The result is a meat that requires more work to cut with a knife and more time to digest by the body. The worst part of this story is that many of the nutrients have been ruined.
Unfortunately, those altered nutrients form new chemical compounds in the body, including known carcinogens that damage the kidneys and blood vessels.
So, how much is too much heat? If, when you slice it, there’s no juice – it is overdone. Steak should be juicy and red, otherwise know as “medium rare”.

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